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Driven to help youth, parents and educators around the world, Peter Liciaga is a high-energy, “Tell it like it is and keep it real” youth motivational speaker.  A dynamic and entertaining speaker for high school and middle school assemblies, he has a gift for connecting with his audience.


Peter’s Story

Peter Liciaga overcame incredible odds to become the man he is today. As a youth, he had no direction or guidance in life and could not make sense of the abuse he encountered.  He was abused by family members and saw himself as worthless.  With his self-esteem in the gutter and no direction in life, Peter dropped out of school in the ninth grade and turned to the streets and the gangs of the Bronx NY.


Peter’s sense of worthlessness was so overpowering that he attempted suicide twice. A turning point came two weeks after the second attempt of suicide. While recovering from the effects of the overdose of pills he had taken, Peter decided to leave the city and get as far away from the “streets” as he could. Peter moved to Florida and with the help of his older sister started putting a life together.


Peter spent several years working construction until he decided to pursue a dream to become a dancer. At 23 years old Peter started taking classical ballet after he found out that one of his idols, Gene Kelly, trained in ballet.  Peter eventually became a local star and moved back to New York City to pursue a career as a professional dancer.


Unfortunately, a failed relationship and failure as a father sent Peter spiraling back to some of his old ways, and soon he found himself depressed and struggling with suicidal tendencies. After getting cleaned up and off of his cocaine habit, Peter was left with the big question: “Who am I, why am I here and what is my purpose in life?” Peter realized that his destiny was in his hands and his power to choose. He could either hide himself away and feel sorry for himself as he had done in the past, or he could make a new decision. He could reach within, make a decision and make powerful, life-transforming choices. Something clicked… and the healing began.


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“I am the man I am today as a result of my wife, my family and my life’s defining moments.”


Defining Moment: Touching Hearts & Changing Lives

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Today, Peter draws on the grace of his darkest hours to encourage, inspire and motivate today’s youth to transform their own lives. Peter believes that success comes down to our core values, world view and our relationships with others. He believes that success in life – fulfillment and service – depends on the attitude we take from the moment we get up in the morning and the ability to be empowered by our defining moments.


“People will treat us how we teach them to treat us,” says Peter. “Our greatest defining moment comes when we realize that when we unleash the best that is inside us, the world always mirrors it back. The goal is to be honest and keep it real, first to one’s self then to the world. Radiate love, compassion and kindness as well as our own self-respect.” Peter is living proof of these miracles of transformation.


Peter has become in-demand as a youth motivational speaker and has captured the hearts of 1000′s of youth, parents and educators around the world.


Peter routinely presents for Middle Schools, High Schools, Youth Events, Youth Organizations and Community Events. Along with his youth programs, Peter also speaks to teachers, parents, and adult audiences.


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“Peter Liciaga’s Daily Motivational Minutes”

Every day Peter shares his first thoughts of the day with “Peter Liciaga’s Daily Motivational Minutes”. You can get and listen 24/7 by signing up for *FREE* HERE!


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